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Being forced away from our home has made us realise how much we love our country and look forward to the day when we can return. But until then we feel honoured and privileged to bring a bit of our home into yours.
A Gift From Ukraine Phot by Max Kukurudziak

For years, perhaps you never thought about Ukraine. Sure, you’d heard of it, but you probably had little or no idea what the country was like, what its people were like, what went on there.

Then all that changed.  Suddenly everyone knew about Ukraine from endless exposure on the TV, in newspapers, via websites.  Ukraine was the invaded country; a place of missiles and tanks, shattered homes and burnt-out cities, bravery and rugged defiance.

But of course, a semblance of normal life continues in our country.  Some wonderfully creative designers, manufacturers, craftspeople and food producers are getting on with the job of making their unique and distinctly Ukrainian products.

We – a family of patriotic Ukrainians temporarily living in the UK – would like to offer you the chance to buy some of these products, carefully chosen to reflect the variety and quality of Ukrainian goods.  In doing so you will be helping independent Ukrainian businesses to stay afloat so that they might thrive again when the war is over.

We offer everything from small individual gift boxes to luxury hampers at prices to suit all budgets.

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Taste of Ukraine
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